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Open Labor Day 9-5pm

The lazy, hazy days of summer are here, but don't be too lazy because...there is still plenty of time to do some backyard entertaining.  But wait!  Are your gardens beginning to fizzle?  Are they lacking color?  Don't fret.  Add new color and bulk-up your landscapes. The fullness of late summer ought to be one of the richest seasons in the garden.  Mother Nature knows this and has been busy cultivating plenty of flowering shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses that peak during this period. So don't be too lazy and hazy.  It's still  a wonderful time to plant, and  Zehr's is here and ready to assist you with all of your plant needs.  Our plants are healthy, happy and mature.  Just looking for a good home... like yours!

Check out what’s Bloomin' Beautiful at Zehr’s:

  • Hibiscus with its traffic stopping dish plate size blooms
  • Hydrangeas whose bold and brightly colored flowers are unrivaled in the plant world
  • Rose of Sharon displays flowers adorned with a lacy center

Click and see our entire selection of summertime show-offs:  Perennials, Roses and Flowering Shrubs!

Need a Gift Certificate?  Tis the season to get close to nature, so give the gift of gardening and beautify a piece of the world.  If you'd like one, please call 778-5733 or stop in.

This week's special now until 9/12...BOGO 25% off... Shrubs!

MUMs and Peaches are in.....


Looking forward to seeing you all!

- Mark Van Buren

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Happiness held is the seed:  Happiness shared is the flower.
-Author Unknown

What people are saying about us...

It was nice to meet you, WOW what a place you have and I can't believe it took this long for me to stop. If it wasn't for a lady my wife knows we wouldn't have come down. We were out walking and stopped at this ladies home to see her gardens and she had the day lily, My Sweet Rose, I have several really neat day lilies and wanted one of them, so we came down. Also ended up with Green Envy coneflower and a tall true blue phlox. I will definitely be coming down and buying more plants from you, terrific selection and unique plants. Nice to actually see them in person, have seen many of them in Horticulture Mag. and Garden Design.
(Lockport, NY)

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