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Zehr's on the Lake

Spring has officially made its way to WNY! Warm soft breezes, melting snow, green swelling buds, birds arriving from the south, birds building nests...need I say more? 

Even your gardens know something is different  and are beginning to awake after their long slumber.  All winter long, snow covered them like a blanket.  Most of the time you couldn't even see them, but with the advent of the warm breezes, the snow is only a memory and they are in full view, teaming with life and new hope! 

Now is your opportunity to create a planting plan.  Let us help...check out Zehr's newest and coolest plants being offered for the  2014 growing season.  Create a wish list, and bring it with you opening day, May 1st.  Zehr's will help you transform your gardens. 

Remember, your social calendar is filling up and your summer looks busy.  So get going and get planning.

Need a Gift Certificate?  Spring is the time to get close to nature, so give the gift of gardening and beautify a piece of the world.  If you'd like one, please call 778-5733.

Check out our spring 2014 Upoming Events!

- Mark Van Buren

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When gardeners garden, it is not just plants that grow, but the gardeners themselves.
- Ken Druse

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Mark and family.  It is a delight each year to come to your nursery!  We always find different plants to add to our landscape.  All of your staff is very helpful and nice!

(Smallwood Garden Club)

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