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MUM's the Word for instant bloom gratification.   There is no excuse for your garden not to be beautiful throughout the fall season.  The Mighty Mum is one of Zehr's personal favorites this time of year!  Depending upon the variety, one can expect blooms from late summer right until the first killing frost.  Its proliferation of blooms come in an unimaginable range of colors including white, off-white, yellow, gold, bronze, red, burgundy, pink, lavender and purple. Mums are also highly decorative and sport unique blooms that resemble pompons, daisies or have spoon-shaped petals.  So check out our Mum selection and know...There's a Mum for everyone!

Remember...Fall continues to be an ideal time to plant.  Plants grown in large containers like the ones at Zehr's are well suited for fall planting.  The roots are right there just waiting for their opportunity to bust out and grow deep.  Cooler temperatures, shorter days, warm soil and rain are all key ingredients for establishing deep root growth in the landscape. 

In the spring when the plants come out of dormancy, they will perform better and be bigger than if they were planted that spring.  So get up and get growing!

Fresh apples available daily!

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- Mark Van Buren

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A good gardener always plants 3 seeds -
one for the bugs, one for the weather and one for himself.
- Leo Aikman

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Thank you, thank you, for being there again this year. We had the most beautiful gardens last year because of your fabulous flowers. Yours by far got the greatest compliments. Each year, unbeknownst to me, people would drive past our house and see what we had planted in our yard for that year. We were always eager to tell them where you are. Our delicous white lilies are starting to come up and are about 6 inches high already and have multiplied! We're sooooo excited!! All the flowers and plants we got from you have NOT disappointed us in any way, and WE WILL be back....soon. And we will...."keep on growing"

(Lockport, NY)

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